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Windows Millions of computer users participate in software beta programs every year, usually toiling away in anonymity, never quite sure if whatever they find or report will matter in the final product. Others find the experience a lot more fulfilling, such as the families that participated in Microsoft's Life with Windows Vista program. In addition to the more than 2 million testers of Vista, Microsoft selected 50 families from around the world and watched, in a reality TV kind of way, how they interacted with Vista, right out of the box with the first beta and all the way up to release to manufacturing.
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RE[2]: Nothing wrong with that
by stestagg on Thu 11th Jan 2007 08:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Nothing wrong with that"
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Twice as expensive and half as reliable? Based on what evidence?

Well at least twice as expensive. HOME Linux installs typically cost 0 (that's $0 btw.) Installing Windows XP costs either from around 70 ($119 Walmart) OR whatever the cost of an OEM licence is. I make that 70/0 (divide by zero which tends to infinity.)

Half as reliable? I run Ubuntu Linux in VMWare on Windows. It has never crashed / been insecure / been unreliable (either system or apps) for me.
The host Windows OS however has (been surprisingly stable but) crashed on a number of occasions. So again, technically, for me, Windows is infinitely less stable than Linux.

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