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BeOS & Derivatives BePDF, the .pdf viewer for BeOS (no, really?), can now be run on Haiku. "BePDF is working in Haiku, as you can see in the screenshot. You need to copy a few libs. Just a question: why is BePDF not included in the Haiku basic software, but a PDF printer is?"
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RE[2]: Haiku progress.
by Luposian on Thu 11th Jan 2007 08:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Haiku progress."
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"With such a small team of devs, we really can't expect stuff like eye candy to be on the priority list right now."

Obviously not. Because, "With such a small team of devs...", proper file copying isn't on their priority list, either.

File copying is a very basic, necessary OS function... maybe the most basic and necessary of them all. And Haiku, even after all these years of development, *still* doesn't do it correctly. Eats up all yer RAM and punts you straight into KDL when it's all used up!

Atari's GEM/TOS (which fits in a tiny 192Kbytes of ROM on the Atari ST) can copy files correctly... why in blazes can't Haiku? There... is... no... excuse!

Sure, I'm very happy that a lot of BeOS apps now run in Haiku. I'm happy that software development and other progress are being made in Haiku on a daily basis.

... BUT! ...

If I could properly copy files, I would be using Haiku *TODAY*. Not just WAITING for it to be useful to me "someday".

I would be telling people of my experiences in Haiku, with pride, not just telling people how neat Haiku WILL be someday.

Who cares if it's pre-alpha. I sure don't. I'll live with whatever limitations Haiku has, for as long as they persist, just so long as I can copy files.

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RE[3]: Haiku progress.
by testadura on Thu 11th Jan 2007 09:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Haiku progress."
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ah....the file copying-issue by Luposian.... again!

HAIKU is NOT finished yet.
But feel free to fix it.

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RE[4]: Haiku progress.
by Luposian on Fri 12th Jan 2007 04:10 in reply to "RE[3]: Haiku progress."
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Oh, I'm, sorry, I didn't know that file copying was necessary for an OS to be FINISHED. I thought it was simply a very basic, necessary function of the OS, regardless at what stage it is in development. And the sooner, the better/

But apparently you seem to think that my request will only be met when Haiku is FINISHED!

Feel free to fix it? If I knew how to program, it WOULD be fixed by now. But I don't, so all I get the pleasure of doing is harping on this one issue that prevents me from USING Haiku on a daily basis, even at the pre-alpha stage it's at.

And, trust me, I plan to keep bringing this topic up every now and then until it IS addressed... no matter how many people it pisses off! I'm not here to be "liked". I'm here to see a basic OS function implemented, in my favorite open source OS, based on my favorite non-Windows, non-MacOS X operating system.

What do you wanna bet Minix 3, even in it's current stage of development, can copy files correctly? What about TriangleOS? Or FreeDOS? Or SkyOS? These are ALL *unfinished* OS's (and SkyOS is a one-man programming effort, from all I've read and seen recently) and yet... they can somehow COPY FILES!

Why is this ONE single function curiously absent in Haiku, which, by this time, is growing more usable by the day? What makes this one function so horribly unimportant (or difficult to implement) that it's implementation is virtually uncared about?

Would someone be willing to fix this issue for $250? $500? $750? $1,000? On the spot, upon payment? Or is every aspect of Haiku such a "labor of love", that no one will work on anything but that which THEY want to work on, regardless if it could mean the difference between USING Haiku on a daily basis and WISHING it could be used on a daily basis?

The end result will be an OS that others will use, whether or not they fix this particular issue today or 100 years from now. But... doesn't it behoove EVERYONE to get the most basic elements of the underlying OS functions squared away before the other stuff is piled on, ad infinitum?

I sure think so. Shame, no one else seems to.

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