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Legal Cisco has sued Apple over the use of the 'iPhone' brand. "Cisco today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against Apple, Inc., seeking to prevent Apple from infringing upon and deliberately copying and using Cisco's registered iPhone trademark."
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Nothing to worry Apple here
by mkone on Thu 11th Jan 2007 20:41 UTC
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Did anyone notice the phone doesn't seem to have the name on it.

I saw the Cingular logo on it, but no iPhone. So maybe this is just to play around with Cisco, get a bit of controversy, then quietly change the name. I mean everyone knows about this phone now.

Heck they could call it "PowerPhone", and in two years time everyone will be appending "Power" to the names of their products. I mean, the iName thingy is distinctively Apple. Everyone and their grandmother knows that.

Just call it the MacPhone Apple. There you have it, anyone taking bets on the final name.

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