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PC-BSD "Version 1.3.01 of PC-BSD has now been made available on the download page. This update addresses several recent issues with partitioning, as well as fixes issues with certain hardware and HAL support. Users already running version 1.3 may download an update to 1.3.01 via the 'Online Update' utility."
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RE[2]: pc-bugs
by happycamper on Fri 12th Jan 2007 00:43 UTC in reply to "RE: pc-bugs"
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/*You have to understand the mean of "active development volunteer project". If you found any bug please report it so it can be fixed.*?

I would of understand if the bug was found months later but not right after version 1.3 was realeasd, that to me shows somebody is doing a sloppy job at testing.

/*Stop complainting and start helping ;) */

I am helping i downloaded it didn't I, but unfortunately the quality control is lacking.

/*Altough the project aims to be user friendly and for casual PC users, it needs testing and the project system test team are us.*/

on their site says they also focus businesses. what if a business had insalled that crap and lost data because of the bug? that would probably have given bsd a bad name and the main bsd are not careless with thier work.

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RE[3]: pc-bugs
by nullpt on Fri 12th Jan 2007 02:54 in reply to "RE[2]: pc-bugs"
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Most of the changelog for this version is about new features, experimental/recent software and minor issues that were not spoted before. This is reasonable for a project with one developer and a couple guys keeping up with the project.

By downloading and installing a -RELEASE you are also helping. Most of the found bugs come from users that downloaded a RELEASE, not a RC or BETA, which backs up my point of view.

What about if you installed windows, got some virus that wiped your disk? Or some malware that steals your credit card pin?

There is more risk to a OS that has years of developement and testing by thousands of well paid people.

I don't know if you remember FreeBSD 5.2, the most bloated releases ever, they needed a 5.2.1 and had hundres of people testing it. Critical bugs are oftenly missed, even by good professionals.


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