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BeOS & Derivatives BePDF, the .pdf viewer for BeOS (no, really?), can now be run on Haiku. "BePDF is working in Haiku, as you can see in the screenshot. You need to copy a few libs. Just a question: why is BePDF not included in the Haiku basic software, but a PDF printer is?"
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RE[5]: Haiku progress.
by testadura on Fri 12th Jan 2007 09:19 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Haiku progress."
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Ik agree with you on the fact that file copying is a very important functionality of an OS. Even if the OS is in pre-alpha stage!

I was just trying to say this is not the place for reporting bugs. When I read your post about the issue, it seems like you feel the Haiku devs aren't focussing on the right stuff and Haiku is just shit right now... Is this the message you want to give to the curious people who aren't familiar with Beos/Haiku?

Use the mailing lists for constructive comments. Or just learn to program ;-)

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