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KDE This week's KDE Commit Digest tells about an installer for KDE on Windows and the problems the developers encountered setting up a working environment for KDE to run on. Many screenshots included, showing the first applications (such as Konqueror) running natively.
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RE[7]: KDE on Windows......????
by Narishma on Mon 15th Jan 2007 16:04 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: KDE on Windows......????"
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Yeah, I expect that my favorite part of KDE, kio_slaves, will not be available for Windows...

If you read the article you would know that it's already available and working partially. There's even a screenshot or two to prove it.

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archiesteel Member since:

Well, file:// and http:// are working (and yes, I did read the article), but I'm talking about the ones that really make a difference for me, like ftp://, zip://, fish://, etc.

Although, if file and http are working, implementing the rest shouldn't be that complicated...there may be hope yet!

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