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RISC OS The shared source licence being drawn up as part of the RISC OS Open project is in the hands of lawyers, it was revealed this week. In a report to be published by Archive magazine, Castle are said to have spent a 'lot of money' on legal bills to make the licence watertight. The company fears loopholes may be found in their complex shared source agreement which could allow royalty free use of the source code for commercial purposes or let people avoid disclosing updates to the RISC OS blueprints.
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RE: humbug
by rhyder on Mon 15th Jan 2007 17:21 UTC in reply to "humbug"
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No, they are also allowing other people to benefit from the source. It seems that there will be a dual freeware/commercial license in place. People will only have to pay Castle if they use RISCOS materials in commercial projects.

At the same time, people using the source will have to pass any improvements back to Castle.

What they are trying to do is to form a model that allows RISCOS to gain greater application and at the same time will allow the owner of RISCOS to make some money and stay in business; they are opening up access to the source but keeping their business interest in a viable one.

Castle have done and will continue to be a main force in the development of RISCOS. If they GPLed or BSDed the source, I don't see how they could continue to make money from RISCOS. We want them to stay in business so that they can continue make improvements to RISCOS, and at the same time, take on a new role as the collators of all improvements made by other parties.

To the people who criticize what Castle are doing I ask, "How *should* they be proceeding?"

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