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Benchmarks "A number of search engines are available for the Gnome and KDE desktop environments, many based around the open source Lucene search engine. It would be tremendous if we could adopt one of these search engines for the Gnome platform, so we can provide the type of integrated search experience for our users that they really need, irrespective of which distort they are using. So to help in this assessment we have carried out a comparison of four different Unix based indexers [.pdf]."
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RE: not perfect but still nice
by situation on Thu 18th Jan 2007 17:04 UTC in reply to "not perfect but still nice"
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I imagine most users would run Beagle as 'nice -n 19 beagle' or the like, so the kernel pushes the priority down and workflow isn't interrupted.

Still a big fan of slocate, personally. Can force an update when I want (which can take under 10 minutes, if you have updated recently and are on a relatively new computer). The results are in a simple list format, etc. Not as advanced or user friendly, but it's nice to have a simple version of a desktop indexer available still.

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if you run beagle nice -n 19, and it throttles, the kernel will increase it's priority with... surprise, 19 points, thus it'll run as prio 0. better than -19 (yeah inverted blablabla) which would be the case without the nice, but still not what you want.

and even if it does run on +19, it STILL uses cpu, even when you do a game. a scheduler policy like sched_batch would ensure it NEVER interupts another running process - that's what you want.

and slocate, does that look in files as well? anyway, i'd rather have incremental updates like beagle & friends have.

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Thats not accurate - the most the linux kernel can adjust nice levels is +/- 5

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