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Benchmarks "A number of search engines are available for the Gnome and KDE desktop environments, many based around the open source Lucene search engine. It would be tremendous if we could adopt one of these search engines for the Gnome platform, so we can provide the type of integrated search experience for our users that they really need, irrespective of which distort they are using. So to help in this assessment we have carried out a comparison of four different Unix based indexers [.pdf]."
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RE[3]: odd inconsistency
by superstoned on Thu 18th Jan 2007 18:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: odd inconsistency"
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well, novell wrote beagle to show how great mono is and promote it, sun wrote their java indexer to show how great java is and promote it. of course, it's not really advertising in my mind, if you see those numbers it's clear there are some problems ;)

yeah, tracker and strigi are the way to go - and as the latter seems to be much faster (30 times?), can index in zipfiles etc, has less dependencies and is working with the Nepomuk project to add contextual information, i'm glad KDE 4 will be using strigi.

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