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Benchmarks "A number of search engines are available for the Gnome and KDE desktop environments, many based around the open source Lucene search engine. It would be tremendous if we could adopt one of these search engines for the Gnome platform, so we can provide the type of integrated search experience for our users that they really need, irrespective of which distort they are using. So to help in this assessment we have carried out a comparison of four different Unix based indexers [.pdf]."
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they even rejected aRts, even tough it was plain C

aRts is written in C++, not plain C

had a gnome-lib dependency

It didn't unless you you are referring to using glib to some extend, however I think it had a reduced copy if it inside its own source tree.

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i stand corrected on the c++ issue, i see it's indeed C++. but g(nome)lib is definitely a dependency, it's the main reason apt-getting KDE pulls it in...

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but g(nome)lib is definitely a dependency

As I said it depends on glib, but it definitely does not depend on gnome-lib, two very different libraries.

From someone as well informed as you I'd almost consider it flamebait ;)

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glib is basically as set of c functions to handle data structures plus a few things like event loops and basic thread (see ).

There's nothing GNOME-specific about it and it's extremely useful if you're doing any C programming since it allows you not to re-invent the wheel (e.g. virtually every C programmer re-invents the linked list). The danger of this constant re-inventing is that you might accidentally re-invent it wrong or re-invent it non-optimally.

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