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Apple Apple may not want the word 'computer' in its title anymore, but it's hard to ignore the impact of the Macintosh on the bottom line. Despite a report of flat shipments, plus all the attention given to the iPod, iPhone and Apple TV in the last month, the Mac had a solid quarter for the period that ended on Dec. 30. Apple reported selling about 1.6 million of its signature product during the quarter. The Mac also saw its revenue share increase by about 40 percent compared to last year.
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Kinda-sorta off-topic, but still ...
by MissinBeOS on Fri 19th Jan 2007 00:33 UTC
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Anyone here have one of the new iMacs and successfully use Parallels to run XP? How do you like it? Dislike it? I'm soooooooooooo tempted to get one, but I have too many XP apps that I can't afford to replace, or don't exist for Mac OS X ... if the speed/responsiveness is reasonable, I'm liable to be pushed over the edge. ;)

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With the new Parallels, you can use the same copy of XP (without needing separate installs) for both Boot Camp and Parallels. I find it works awesome personally. If I'm using a normal program, like a tax application, I simply load up Parallels to run it. If I want to play games, I reboot into the exact same copy of Windows and play them.

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Touvan Member since:

Now all they need to do is make Wine use that same base :-) (yes I am aware of very numerous technical problems with sharing the registry, user files, etc. - I just think it would be awesome is all).

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I have a iMac 20" at work, and a 24" at home. //'s (running the latest beta 3120) is very nice on both of them. I run XP and 2003 at the same time (doing minifilter driver dev, so need 2003 running too).

There are some things to consider. It's still a bit buggy. Every now and then it will just die (again, I'm running the beta version), but not that often, maybe once every week. Also, it consumes all your memory and doesn't like giving it back when you shut //'s down. OS X copes very well with this however, but just something to be aware of.

They seemed to have fixed it consuming all your CPU though, it's not too bad with that now...

Also, you won't be running games on //'s. Bootcamp would be your best bet there, but for everything else, //'s works, and works very very well. I've found with some of my dev stuff, its a lot faster than a native box running XP on similar hardware (not sure why)...

Personally, for day to day stuff (running Office, Dev tools (including Delphi 2006), Netbeans and so on, it's very fast...

Make sure you get at least 2G memory however...

Hope this helps

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With 512MB of RAM, you can pretty much not even bother. It's unbearable. Run it with a Rosetta application and you can expect to wait seconds between every click of the mouse. Add another 1GB to that.. and it FLIES. Rosetta applications feel as if they were native. Parallels runs XP at near native speeds. It's excellent. All you need is ram.

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