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Zeta Magnussoft has just announced that they are delaying the release of ZETA 1.5 Professional from 10 to 15 days in order to add a port of the AbiWord open source word processor, a native PCL6 printer driver and a Radeon x-series video driver. The addition of AbiWord is seen as a move to eventually replace the word processor component of GoBe Productive, a third party lightweight office suite currently bundled with ZETA that is no longer in development. Since AbiWord is released under the GPL, the port is expected to eventually benefit Haiku as well.
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RE: Does anyone care anymore???
by deb2006 on Fri 19th Jan 2007 11:41 UTC in reply to "Does anyone care anymore???"
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"Someone take a port of *BSD, Opensolaris, or god forbid even the inelegant fudge of Linux and add the good bits of BeOS to something thats still alive. FrankenOS has got to be better than ZombieOS. Better still, get an Intel Mac, its essentially the same experience that Be offered but available and supported now."

What do you see as "inelegant fudge of Linux"? Please elaborate on this. Try Ubuntu, openSUSE, Linspire, Mandriva. If that's only trolling around, fine. Otherwise I'd recommend trying some Linux distributions first and then commenting on it. Thanks.

Intel Mac with Mac OS X is definetely NOT the same experiene as running BeOS on a dual processor machine then. You really must be joking - or you don't know BeOS at all.

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No, maybe I don't know BeOS at all...

I was there when Be moved to x86 from PPC. I was there when Java was promised. I was there when r4 came out, I was there when the focus shift happened, I saw Hexen II running at >300fps on beta'd BONE and OpenGL, I was there when it all died.

As you no doubt know, Be was founded by ex Apple and NeXT people, the only place some of the genius lives on is in Mac OS X where it inherited some of its technology from NeXTStep. Sure, its nowhere near as lightening fast given this iMac Core2Duo is only about as fast as BeOS was on a dual PII-400 - damn that eye candy!

I'm sure you too find Linux inelegant after using BeOS, Linux is still a long way from being ready. Quite frankly nothing does come close, but I had to move on as there's still no media apps for the media OS. All the apps from Adobe and Steinberg that were coming died the day Be shot itself in the foot with the focus shift. That is the sad fact. Theres still so little chance of ever seeing any professional level apps, media, productivity or otherwise.

Btw, you mention Ubuntu? Did you know Mark Shuttleworth was rumoured to be interested in buying the BeOS source at one point? Apparently he only wanted it for the 'desktop experience' which would be ported to Linux.

Zeta is only just adding the features that were promised 5 years ago, and to be honest there are deeper problems with the old r5 kernel that really mean its a dead end (gcc 2.95 being one, the RAM limit being another). Haiku is the only way forward, but it too I fear is too little too late already despite the fantastic achievements.

Its a shame, I really did care once as passionately as you do, but as someone posted on here, it too makes me sad to see BeOS in its current state.

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