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Windows With the imminent release of Windows Vista to consumers this month, Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, has claimed Microsoft's latest desktop effort is over-hyped and not a revolutionary advancement. "I don't actually think that something like Vista will change how people work that much," Torvalds told Computerworld. "I think it, to some degree, has been over-hyped as being something completely new and I don't actually think it is."
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RE[3]: True
by Aussie_Bear on Fri 19th Jan 2007 21:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: True"
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kwanbis says...
sorry, but what is so innovative and so new that took ms 5 years to develop, with a budget like of NASA (according to them)?

Let see...
* Re-write of the networking parts. => Check.
* Improve security (with help from NSA) => Check.
* Unnecessary eye-candy to make it LOOK new => Check.
* Implement DRM infrastructure. => Check.

Here's two interesting articles about the DRM implementation in Vista.

A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection

Output Content Protection and Windows Vista
(Doc is on the right-hand side)

Sounds wonderful! I can't wait to buy it!

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RE[4]: True
by SEJeff on Sat 20th Jan 2007 20:04 in reply to "RE[3]: True"
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* Improve security (with help from NSA) => Check.
Linux has been doing this for years so I guess that makes Linux the innovater. Not only that, but Windows *still* has 0 forms of Mandatory Access Control like Linux, FreeBSD, and now Mac OS X (SEDarwin is being integrated into OS X proper)...

If you are comparing Windows XP vs Windows Vista, there is a TON of innovation. If you compare Vista vs the world, it isn't all that innovative. Not only that, but a brand spanking new TCP/IP stack kind of worries me as it hasn't had years of testing and security fixes like the one in XP has.

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