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Novell and Ximian Novell has begun a new element of a years-long effort to coax people away from Windows and toward Linux. It unveiled a Web site Friday that touts purported advantages that Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 has over Windows Vista. The site includes a white paper making the case, a variety of customers who have opted to use the software, and a video arguing that SLED has good usability and a built-in office suite but not Windows' lock-in and high licensing costs.
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Their points are horrible
by proforma on Sat 20th Jan 2007 05:27 UTC
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It is easy to say that you are better than your competition when you outright lie in your press breifings.

Their points on why you should buy their software instead of using Windows was at best a fanboy write up.

It sounds like a ton of FUD and misinformation directed by some of the linux fanboys on this website.

For example:

Windows does not come with Office, but theirs comes with open office. Well duh! You can download the same thing for Windows for free and hardly using any bandwidth.

Yet, there are tons of software that I can run on Windows that they can not.

Wow, amazing.

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RE: Their points are horrible
by Redeeman on Sat 20th Jan 2007 05:51 in reply to "Their points are horrible"
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and there are tons of software that i can run on linux that windows users can not run on windows.

Wow, amazing.

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RE[2]: Their points are horrible
by cg0def on Sat 20th Jan 2007 08:03 in reply to "Their points are horrible"
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did either of you actually READ the white paper or any other document that was posted on the site? SLED is NOT for home users and weather or not you can run your games no it means nothing. The same goes for a lot of other software so Novell's comparison is pretty accurate. Plus finally some one came out and admitted that linux does only about 90% of what windows can ( be it Vista ).

Also Novel's version of Ooo is quite different from what you get out of the Ooo site. Saying that you can just download it off the web for free is about the the most uninformed comment I have ever seen. Yes it is still the same software but Novell has been patching it up for the various features that they'd like it have for the last 3 or so years. Actually it a lot longer than that but it used to be Ximian's doing before that.
This is like saying that Star Office and Open Office are the same thing just because they are based off the same code base.

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Does Novell's version of OOo have annotations/tracked-changes properly implemented? That's one feature that totally sucks in OOo (compared to MS Office) and while it's unimportant to home users, it's often vital in workflow environments. It's THE reason my organization would not switch to OOo. I'm a daily Linux/OOo user and am sold on OSS, but in my opinion, until this feature is fixed, OOo will never gain traction in most enterprises.

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