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RISC OS Castle and RISC OS Open discuss there plans for the gradual unveiling of an open source RISC OS over the next twelve months. They explain their reasoning behind some of the source code restrictions in their licence. "Castle's Jack Lillingston opened the presentation with a brief run through of his company's products before outlining the shared source initiative - which is designed to get the source code to RISC OS 5 out into the open for free, and encourage third party developers to improve it. Steve then took over to explain more about how the project will be organised, and how they need donations to keep going."
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RE: Too restrictive
by madcrow on Sat 20th Jan 2007 19:04 UTC in reply to "Too restrictive"
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Not really... It doesn't seem that much more restrictive than the early Apple/Darwin license, except for the porting ban.

As for the market share of ARM, it still dominates the handheld market. Imagine RISC OS running on a Nintendo DS or your palmtop. With the new license, it seems possible.

Also, the news about build of the open code being posted sound promising as it would probably be possible to use those with emulators for those who want to try the platform out but can't really spend any money on it.

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