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RISC OS Castle and RISC OS Open discuss there plans for the gradual unveiling of an open source RISC OS over the next twelve months. They explain their reasoning behind some of the source code restrictions in their licence. "Castle's Jack Lillingston opened the presentation with a brief run through of his company's products before outlining the shared source initiative - which is designed to get the source code to RISC OS 5 out into the open for free, and encourage third party developers to improve it. Steve then took over to explain more about how the project will be organised, and how they need donations to keep going."
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RE[2]: Too restrictive
by mcduck on Sat 20th Jan 2007 19:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Too restrictive"
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Err, virtually every PDA and many phones use ARM processors

That is true, but I dont concider the mobile market Risc OS's targeted market. Reading up on Risc OS, its clear they target desktop users.

Also, this line ( made me laught;

Like all GUIs, the RISC OS Desktop has a learning curve, but once learnt, it is by far the most user friendly and productive GUI in the world today.

Dont get me wrong, but it seems they have lost touch of reality, or have been living in a cage for the last 10 years.

A shame really, becuse Risc OS had potential.

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