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Amiga & AROS The Amiga is alive - sort of, and AmigaOS 4 is finally out. Ars takes AmigaOS 4 out for a spin to see where the once-popular platform stands these days. "The release of AmigaOS 4 proves one thing: you can't keep a good platform down. But is AmigaOS merely a fun hobby OS to play around with, or does it offer real value? My answer is that it is a little of both. As a fan of alternative platforms, you won't find many that are more esoteric than AmigaOS. But beyond being different for the sake of being different, OS4 provides something more interesting: a chance to experience a whole new way of computing."
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by ironfist on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 16:38 UTC
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EFIKA is the future hardware for all Amiga operating systems.
MorphOS on EFIKA:
AmigaOS on EFIKA?

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by DevL on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 16:55 in reply to "EFIKA"
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EFIKA is dead in the water. There is no chance in hell that Amiga Inc. and/or Hyperion want to have anything to do with Genesi.

Furthermore, the EFIKA specifications and performance leaves just about everything to wish for. It's way too little, way to late.

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by gary on Tue 23rd Jan 2007 02:08 in reply to "RE: EFIKA"
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There is no chance in hell that Amiga Inc. and/or Hyperion want to have anything to do with Genesi.

Having once sued Amiga, Inc. already and won, Genesi has at least as much reason to be wary of trying to do business again with Amiga, Inc. but, rather incomprehensibly, is apparently willing to let bygones be bygones in order to bring the OS and hardware together.

Judging from the Hyperion-contractor Frieden brothers' comments and the recent contact with Timothy De Groote, Hyperion's Sales Manager and Commercial Relations director, that company seems to be open to porting to Genesi's hardware.

But, adding another level of ridiculousness to the situation, statements by Amiga, Inc. CEO Bill McEwen and the Friedens indicate that apparently they disagree about exactly which party owns which parts of AmigaOS. So maybe that too must be resolved before support for Genesi's or anyone else's hardware can be considered.

Furthermore, the EFIKA specifications and performance leaves just about everything to wish for.

Of course EFIKA is a low-end board (Genesi has other hardware coming IIRC), but the one big advantage it offers AmigaOS (always said to be a lightweight OS with low hardware requirements -- keep in mind there are few if any AmigaOS apps that need a fast cpu) is that it is available now and works. Apart from legacy Macs, that's more than can be said about any other AmigaOS hardware prospects in the near term.

-- Gary

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by _df_ on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 22:02 in reply to "EFIKA"
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lol. efika. maybe efika2 will be better but efika1 is so underpowered its not funny, and at $200 a board its a ripoff. my kurobox NAS has a better powerpc mainboard than the efika1.

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by on Wed 24th Jan 2007 11:47 in reply to "RE: EFIKA" Member since:

Kurobox better motherboard than Efika?


Twice the processor speed, a real 66MHz PCI slot with an AGP riser, audio including optical out, and a REAL serial port conforming to PC standards? Half the size!?

The only thing the KuroBox has on the Efika is price ($50 cheaper) and gigabit ethernet. Considering what you'd use the KuroBox for and what you'd use the Efika for, neither of those are truly important in either case.

How does your KuroBox output sound?

.. or graphics?

How do you expand it for wireless? Extra ethernet ports? FPGA development boards?

How long did you wait to get a UBoot port!?

Does KuroBox really expand beyond it's role as a jury-rigged NAS box?

Efika will drop in price (the goal was always $99), and come as a complete system (the goal is very sub-$300 and totally fanless in a box no bigger than a CDROM drive) in the very near future, for a very reasonable outlay. Given the market is wide open for the Efika, and locked shut for the KuroBox (you are limited to what Revolution gave you), we're looking at two completely different products here.

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by justin.68 on Tue 23rd Jan 2007 17:42 in reply to "EFIKA"
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The EFIKA board was born obsolescent. It smacks of modern antique and the price makes it clear it's a collectors' item.

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by blastwave on Tue 23rd Jan 2007 22:08 in reply to "EFIKA"
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Its actually perfect for PowerPC port work in the Polaris project ( OpenSolaris port to PowerPC ) as well as perfect for the 2 billion people in the world that do not need a 4GHz AMD Opteron with 2 TB internal hard drive array. If you live in a place where power is hard to come by, where cooling is a dream then you will want an EFIKA. Simply put, I love my dual Opterons at home as well as my ZFS array but that is because I am in North America. Now go visit Nigeria or most of China and see what reception you get when you tell people to fork over $800 USD for a system that needs piles of power and cooling. Forget it. So this unit, the EFIKA, is a great machine for getting the job done in the rest of the world as well as special purpose systems. I ought to know, I have already taken volume orders for my design and business owners with a need love the thing.

Also, I have no idea what all these noise makers are saying about Genesi as a company but Genesi has been totally behind the Polaris project from day one regardless of the fact that it just keeps costing them money. Genesi keeps shipping out PowerPC unit to developers and has never asked for anything in return.

So essentially .. move on people. Move forwards.

Dennis Clarke

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