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Novell and Ximian Novell might have signed a patent and interoperability deal with Microsoft Corp but it is not about to give up competing with the software giant and last week released a study that suggests its Linux desktop product is better value than Windows Vista. The company's competitive guide compares SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop with Windows Vista and claims that the Linux product provides 90% of Vista's functionality and 10% of the price.
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You're missing the point. It's about the business OS, not the play in your "basement" OS.

Correct. Though I can run Windows at home with 0 maintenance/security issues, I'd rather have my balls crushed by a wooden mallot than have to administrate it on 500 desktops. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd need a bottle of Jack Daniels stashed in my desk drawer just to help relieve the stress a little ;) I don't know how Linux would fair in this regard, but hell .. it couldn't possibly do much worse.

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That's a bit over the top.

Windows is properly managed and administered across thousands of organisations with greater numbers than that. I've worked simultaneously at two over the past two years where more or less there's relatively little administrative effort and costs compared to other parts of the infrastructure.

With the appropriate processes, controls and support models it's not all that difficult to do. Certainly not worth crushing any part of your anatomy.

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Yet, studies have shown that it requires less administrators to manage and maintain a the equivalent number of Linux servers compared to Windows...I imagine the same would be true of Linux desktops.

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