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Novell and Ximian Novell might have signed a patent and interoperability deal with Microsoft Corp but it is not about to give up competing with the software giant and last week released a study that suggests its Linux desktop product is better value than Windows Vista. The company's competitive guide compares SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop with Windows Vista and claims that the Linux product provides 90% of Vista's functionality and 10% of the price.
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RE: Novell could be half right
by zerohalo on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 18:47 UTC in reply to "Novell could be half right"
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True. So much depends on the business/industry in question and the applications that they need. A lot of businesses nowadays are wisely building server-side apps thereby only requiring their clients to use a browser. For those, a switch is easy.

For companies with special demands that are not met by apps available on Linux (ie, graphic design), there's no point in switching to Linux. However, even in those cases, you could still have a Linux server, with employees who don't need to run the Windows-only software running Linux, and then just buy Win licenses for the workstations that need them. Of course where that's a smart move or not depends on the configuration of the company and how many workstations are needed for which tasks.

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