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Novell and Ximian Novell might have signed a patent and interoperability deal with Microsoft Corp but it is not about to give up competing with the software giant and last week released a study that suggests its Linux desktop product is better value than Windows Vista. The company's competitive guide compares SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop with Windows Vista and claims that the Linux product provides 90% of Vista's functionality and 10% of the price.
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With that being said, there are still deficiences; for example, I've moved back to Windows XP because it is impossible to surf the net and rip a cd at the same time - soundjuicer sucks up all the CPU and the internet slows to a crawl; I've yet to experience that problem running Windows XP + Intels latest drivers.

I believe that SoundJuicer somehow was the culprit here. My main machine is an old P4 1.5 Ghz with only 256 Mb of RAM but it flies with Opera (I used to swear by Firefox but its infamous memory leaks are getting on my nerves and there is little point using it with so little RAM available) and KAudioCreator running on the background ripping an audio CD. I know because I do that a lot as I still have 120 or so more audio CDs to convert to MP3 to use with my MP3 player.

A few days ago I was using k9copy - arguably a CPU intensive application - to.. erm, make backups of.. erm... some DVDs that I own (yeah! ;) ) while KTorrent downloading three... erm, Linux ISOs files (yeah, thatīs it! ;) ) and everybody knows that those Bit Torrent clients open as many connections as they can and slowing down the machine considerably - as far as internet activities are concerned - but it still was churning along with Opera reading a few simple websites including OSNews (although those that had some Flash ad or something like that were a definitely no-go for obvious reasons).

GNOME used to be a heck of a memory hog but it is somewhat better now so thatīs why Iīm placing my bets on SoundJuicer being the culprit but in no way I would force myself to use Windows at home just because of that! ;)

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