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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The most visible part of Windows Vista is the Aero interface, and while we can't deny that it looks very swish we find it very hard to get excited by a shiny new GUI. Instead, we're looking forward to new Vista hardware, which includes a new use for the humble USB memory key and much, much more. So what will the ultimate Windows Vista notebook offer?"
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The situation will be more "un-ideal" that that. USB is too slow for 'swap-use'. MythTV compiles liked to dump 2 or 3 gb of stuff into my 1gb of RAM, so one-time I decided to try adding a 2gb USB key as a swap drive.. slow as hell. The only redeeming quality was that it continued to compile.
Increasing the swap partition size on the hard drive resulted in way better performance. Hard drives are pretty cheap these days, too.

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Of course you have to use such "inventions" to accelerate Vista. But if you're using a real operating system with able developers, there is just no need for such nonsense.

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I'll be curious to see what you say, when the idea is copied onto other operating systems.

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If that's the case, then if you turn that off, it'll be the same as a linux box (I use Ubuntu currently) opening OpenOffice, slow as hell. I have never found any version of Linux (using KDE or Gnome) to be faster at any given task than Windows XP, they are all bloated. Big Apps take time to load, and other OS's face the same problems

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Sure, I'm with you in not being a Windows fan. But Microsoft has added an interesting, potentially useful feature that can improve ones system, and that's pretty cool. Let's give credit where credit is due. If a Linux developer had first implemented this idea, they wouldn't get this kind of reaction. Anything that furthers computer technology and can make things run better is a good thing, I think.

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