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Linspire "Linspire announced plans to standardize software installation across Linux distributions by expanding its popular CNR digital download and software management service to support several of the most popular desktop Linux distributions in 2007. Previously available only for Linspire and Freespire desktop Linux users, the CNR Service will begin providing users of other desktop Linux distributions a free and easy way to access over 20000 desktop Linux products, packages and libraries."
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Yes but should one pay for something the result of a bad design? of course, one could look at the diversity and call it a feature but I think from the POV of commercial developers for a desktop OS, linux is out of control.

It's almost like praising H&R Block instead of going after the tax code.

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CNR is 100% free though. I didn't say anything about paying for anything. I said I would rather use something proprietary that works then something that is free (As in OSS) that does not.

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