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Xfce Here is an article that reviews the new features found in Xfce 4.4. Provides in details new features found in Thunar, new applets like Orage, and new abliities like built in compositing and ability to add desktop icons. Screenshots galore as well.
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RE: desktop icons
by DeadFishMan on Wed 24th Jan 2007 20:46 UTC in reply to "desktop icons"
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so did he just not notice that you could drag and drop icons from thunar (and at least rox, probably any gtk) or the app finder?

If I recall correctly, ROX Filer cannot interact with the desktop at all unless you start it with the pinboard option turned on in which case, it "draws" a new root window and then you can drag and drop icons on it. If you set the pinboard to use the same wallpaper as your "real" root window then it sort of looks like having icons on the desktop.

It is a nice solution to use with icewm and have a fast and full featured file manager (seriously, the gap on functionality between Konqueror and ROX is not that much) and also icons on the desktop. But I like to use it with Windowmaker without the pinboard.

Donīt know if this is true when used together with the new XFCE release, though.

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