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Xfce Here is an article that reviews the new features found in Xfce 4.4. Provides in details new features found in Thunar, new applets like Orage, and new abliities like built in compositing and ability to add desktop icons. Screenshots galore as well.
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RE[2]: I got something I wanted!
by hal2k1 on Thu 25th Jan 2007 00:11 UTC in reply to "RE: I got something I wanted!"
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//I can confirm this. XFCE 4.4 is really nice, even on slower x86 machines. With "slow" I mean those with less than 1 GHz; test machine here: 333 MHz, 256 MB RAM, FreeBSD 6.2. The system is still usable (with applications like OpenOffice, Opera, Sylpheed and MPlayer), allthough I prefer XFCE 3 on these systems. But this example shows that implementations regarding efficiency are still around, this makes me happy because I think you can't relativate lack of programming knowledge with increased computer power. :-) //

If you are interested in the combination of ease-of-use (via Xfce 4.4) and reasonable speed on older hardware, I would tentatively suggest this distribution might be worth a try:

It isn't quite ready for release yet, but it does come as a liveCD (which you can optionally install to hard disk) and it promises to be all of the things you might be looking for.

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