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Zeta It appears that Marcus Overhagen, a well-known BeOS developer, has been recieving threats from YellowTAB. Marcus writes: "Using an alleged NDA (non disclosure agreement) breach, he promises to undertake everything that is possible to sue me. He claimes that even this mail is protected by the NDA that I signed with Yellowtab, but I'm certain that it doesn't apply here. At the end, he says that a copy of that mail was sent to their lawyer, who is now checking legal measures against me."
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RE: The BeOS community is "almost" dead.
by vasper on Sat 20th Aug 2005 09:54 UTC in reply to "The BeOS community is dead."
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The problem is with human failing.

From one hand you have a good programmer, Marcus, that was insulted by a post in his log, he falsly attributed to Bernd (Bernd cannot write such good english as the anonymous poster by the way). Marcus had to defend his honor, but he should have found another way.

Now on the other hand, we have Bernd who is responsible not only for himself (it would have been easy to respond if he was), but for an entire company. He doesn't have time or the will to be personal, so he responed in the legal manner in which he did.

My belief is that both are wrong. They should work together, not against each other, because they are killing BeOS.

As for the NDA, it is a normal bussiness procedure. I have signed one with the company I work with, and even if I hadn't, what the NDA said, is what I would have done anyway.

In response to an earlier post about a developer that was asked to sign an NDA to be given access to Zeta development, what people don't understand is that Zeta is using BeOS 6 api. The depricated driver API or BeOS 3 was removed from Be and now only the API from v4 and upwards is valid. The developer could just have bought Zeta instead of singing the NDA to be provided with it free of charge and continue development of his driver using the documented BeOS 5 api.

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