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Linux "The OSDL's Desktop Linux Working Group has published its first year-end report on the state of the overall desktop Linux ecosystem. The report provides insight into the year's key accomplishments in terms of functionality, standards, applications, distributions, market penetration, and more."
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Troll? You mean Grandtroll?
by Coxy on Fri 26th Jan 2007 22:08 UTC
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'Bringing the kernel building pseudo argument gets you close to be considered a troll.'

Troll? That's a sign that your losing the argument!

This was a legit. comment... try reading articles about linux on OS News and your see that there's ALWAYS at least one post where someone claims to have a Grandmother who can do things that another poster says they can't do.

It doesn't matter what the problem is, fonts, printing, usability, there's always a legion of grandmothers out there able that can do more with Linux and computers then most Network Administrators could if their lives depended on it.

I call it Grandmas' Law:

1> the number of grandma's able to do something with Linux that other people may have difficulty with increases proportionaly to the number of people with the said problem.

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dylansmrjones Member since:

Most likely because those who have the problem haven't googled for the solution - or forgot to RTFM.

However, since they are always Windows users, they have no credibility.

GNU/Linux is easy unless you are a Windows power user. Windows power users cannot do a thing unless it has a red button labeled: "Push me".

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Moochman Member since:

Just because many people prefer GUIs to CLIs and hand-editing conf files does not require you to demean them as "know-nothing Windows power users".

Basic configuration tasks shouldn't require reading a manual. That's SO old skool....

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RE: Troll? You mean Grandtroll?
by anda_skoa on Sat 27th Jan 2007 18:34 in reply to "Troll? You mean Grandtroll?"
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Troll? That's a sign that your losing the argument!

No, it's a sign that you haven't read what I have written:

I was referring to the kernel compiling pseudo problem, not any grandmother story.

If you want to give an example of a task that people claim their grandmother is able to do, choose a task users are actually likely to come across.

Compiling the kernel is not one of them.

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