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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.3 was released on New Year's Eve. Dru Lavigne interviewed Kris Moore, Andrei Kolu, and Charles Landemaine of the PC-BSD release engineering team regarding the new release and their involvement within the PC-BSD community.
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why it is the worst of both worlds
by unclefester on Sat 27th Jan 2007 01:14 UTC
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There are two basic paradigms for computer - networked (BSDs, Unix, linux) or stand alone (Amiga, DOS, classic Mac). Now most are a hybrid.

I'm not an IT professional but I've been using computers for 25 years. First experience was on a PDP-11. Been through the C64, DOS, classic Macs experiences etc - even teletype terminals on an ancient HP3000 mainframe.

The unfortunate problem with the increasing popularity of OSS is the tendency to make Linux/BSD ditros more Windows/Mac like. Too much emphasis eye candy, binary installation and other trivia at the expense of speed and stability. Why not try and sell the advantages of APT, ports, FVWM etc rather than mindless double clicking and 3D effects.

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People aren't living in stoneage anymore and last not least *you* have the choice between many different free operating systems. So where is the problem?

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