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Windows A coalition of rivals charged on Friday that Microsoft's new Vista operating system coming out next week will perpetuate practices found illegal in the European Union nearly three years ago. The group, which includes IBM, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Oracle and Red Hat, said its complaints made last year are yet to be addressed just days before Vista is due for release.
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Pfff... Like it can, with all that money wasted on EU-based competitors to US-based companies like CNN and Google.

Exactly why is it that the EU is trying to level the software playing field, anyway? For its own companies to compete against Microsoft?

Wait a minute, does it even have any EU-based companies involved in this case?

If not, then why is it that these US companies are appealing to the EU to restrict another US-based company's practices?

I don't think this involves any "acting in the interests of its population" at any point to me.

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And I would like to see MS finally no longer getting away with not giving other companies access to the languages their software speakes:

- SMB network protocol (not given SAMBA the docs for 4 years)
- OOXML is NOT fully documented, nobody but MS will be able to READ all OOXML documents (although everybody will be able to write OOXML documents)

A level playing field makes companies compete against each other with all of the companies adhering to international standards. And that gives us users interoperability and low prices, which is the goal of a market economy.
Microsoft is like a bubble of centralized communism within a capitalistic universe.

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