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Windows "Does performance suck on Vista when compared to XP? That's what I was set out to find out. I was worried at first, since the performance in Beta 2 was quite bad. While there is indeed a performance decrease, it's quite minimal as you'll find out."
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simple things require more and more power
by matthekc on Sat 27th Jan 2007 06:37 UTC
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i used to be able to play dvd's(barely) with win2k on 500mhz with 256, now my 1.6ghz with 786 struggles with them on xp if i don't turn of and optimize every little thing. I can't wait to see vista struggle with blu ray. I wish my linux install could play most dvd's

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I wish my linux install could play most dvd's

FYI, there has never been a single DVD I could not play well with Linux - on any distribution I tried. I use MPlayer, Totem or Xine (not the crippled ones from Fedora but the "originals" with all the plugins and codecs, that are in additional repositories such as Livna). Perfectly legal, not entirely free software I suppose, but it always works.

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i tried setting up the codecs for dvd's a few times. almost all work but i have a few that didn't. However you understanding of legalities involved is flawed those are legal grey area's it is not technically legal but no court will convict you so long as it's fair use.

I just reread you post you didn't hand install the codecs you got them with the player i'll have to try that.

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