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Windows Tomorrow, Microsoft will release all 6 versions of Windows Vista; some of us will rush out to buy themselves a copy, some of us will, like, not do that. OSNews will be bombarded with Vista related articles until old CRT monitors will have faint imprints of the word 'Vista' scattered across their tubes. So, to start the whole barrage of Vista articles off, here is a promotional video of Windows 386, released in the late 80s. This video is nothing short of brilliant. I suggest you make yourself a nice, warm tea (or coffee, if it's morning) and sit back to enjoy the wonders of multitasking, the 'just like OS/2' interface, the 80s music, and, lest I forget, the fashion in spectacles. Update: I am currently watching the 1982 classic The Thing, and there's a character in there named 'Windows'. Coincidence? I think not!
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RE: Holy Bad Filmmaking...
by Dave_K on Sun 28th Jan 2007 23:07 UTC in reply to "Holy Bad Filmmaking..."
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It focuses more on showing the blonde with spectacles than actually talking about the new thing

Considering how terrible Windows 386 was, that was probably a good move.

Even by the standards of the day it's a pretty embarrassing video. I can forgive the fashion disaster, but I'm pretty sure ripping off Mission Impossible was already a dated cliche by the 80s. When she starts rapping it's just hilarious, I bet that role doesn't have pride of place on the actress' CV.

It was also funny seeing them portray things like multitasking and copy and paste as radical new features. Users of other systems had that functionality years earlier, running on less powerful hardware than a very expensive 386.

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RE[2]: Holy Bad Filmmaking...
by SQwerl on Mon 29th Jan 2007 01:09 in reply to "RE: Holy Bad Filmmaking..."
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I'm pretty sure ripping off Mission Impossible was already a dated cliche by the 80s.

I thought it was Charlie's Angels ...

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sbergman27 Member since:

I thought it was Charlie's Angels ...

Different theme songs.

Mission impossible went:

Da! Da! De, da! Da! Da! Dah, Da!

And Charlies Angels went:

Dahhh de dahhhh! Dah, de dah, dah de dahhhh!

Dah dah de dee dah dah dee dahhhh, dah de dah dahhhhh!

Well. You get the idea. They were different. ;-)

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StephenBeDoper Member since:

I'm pretty sure ripping off Mission Impossible was already a dated cliche by the 80s.

Oh noes, the smoke is escaping from from her cassette player! Good 'ol 80s smoke-powered technology - great stuff until the smoke escaped, but then you had a real chore on your hands to get it back in.

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