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Windows Tomorrow, Microsoft will release all 6 versions of Windows Vista; some of us will rush out to buy themselves a copy, some of us will, like, not do that. OSNews will be bombarded with Vista related articles until old CRT monitors will have faint imprints of the word 'Vista' scattered across their tubes. So, to start the whole barrage of Vista articles off, here is a promotional video of Windows 386, released in the late 80s. This video is nothing short of brilliant. I suggest you make yourself a nice, warm tea (or coffee, if it's morning) and sit back to enjoy the wonders of multitasking, the 'just like OS/2' interface, the 80s music, and, lest I forget, the fashion in spectacles. Update: I am currently watching the 1982 classic The Thing, and there's a character in there named 'Windows'. Coincidence? I think not!
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Equal time for the competition!
by MacTO on Mon 29th Jan 2007 02:35 UTC
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Apple has its lame ducks to, although they were more direct and nowhere near as lame:

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won't let you get away so fast...

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Both together now!

Microsoft redesigns the Ipod (courtesy Microsoft itself)

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I used to like the 1984 ad. It is a neat commercial that grabs your attention, and it is probably good advertising in that respect. These days, it just strikes me as more of Apple's bad attitude.

Contrast that to Apple's Think Different advertisements.

This is not Apple's bad attitude. Rather, it is something positive. To me it says: "It is okay to be different, and here are some good role models. And that is what we are about." For the company that helped to popularize the personal computer (think Apple II) and a company that brought the GUI to the market (the Macintosh, of course), I think that is an appropriate message.

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Can't forget this gem:

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There should be a follow up video called "Upgrade any component shootout." Oh shit, that's where the boy and the dog sit there looking like morons who spent a ton of cash on a black box they can't touch.

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oh yeah??? how about this mac video????

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