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Mac OS X Most reviews of Tiger were conducted on fairly new and fast Macs. This article, however, focuses on running it on a low-end Mac. And, to the reviewer's surprise, it runs ok.
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My guess is that you don't have enough RAM to run Dashboard. You probably only have 256mb of RAM. Up it to at least 512 or better yet 1GB of RAM and then tell us that Dashboard slows down your Mac.

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I *have* 512 MB RAM ( ). And yes, I'm still telling you that Dashboard *will* slow down your Mac. You might *accept* that slowdown because you find Dashboard *useful*, but seeing that I don't find it useful, I'm not accepting that slowdown.

Saying that Dashboard will not slowdown a Mac is flawed. There is *something* running and that requires memory (I've seen Dashboard eat mroe than 200MB of system memory here) and to a lesser extent processor power. As far as I'm concerned, it's a sign of zealotry to say that Dashboard does *not* affect system performance *at all* on a 512MB Mac.

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You've answered your own question there...You're saying that Dashboard doesn't slow down your Mac, if you upgrade your RAM. Therefore you are saying that yes it does slow down your Mac, but you can circumvent this by upgrading the RAM.

So Dashboard does slow down Macs. Luckily 10.4.2 contains many Dashboard improvements, one of which is memory management.


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