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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The original Nokia tablet, the N770, was something of a departure for the Finnish phone maker: here was a device without cellular connectivity, running a Linux-based OS, and generally unlike anything Nokia had produced before. So here we have an updated version, the N800. But is it a phone or not, that is the question?"
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I'd rather say:

Is it an iPhone or is it not?

It seems a downgraded iPhone to me....

pity for Nokia.

It is probably a smartphone but ... since the advent of iPhone, smartphones are just lame.

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Wow, Apple must love weak impressionable minds who fall for the hype of products that haven't materialised yet.

The 800 most definitely is not an iPhone. In fact, it's exactly the opposite: the 800 is actually OPEN.

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The review of the 800 claimed you can remove the battery. Another feature the iPhone (which is NOT a smartphone) lacks.

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