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Windows "This story is for anyone considering or interested in switching from Mac to Microsoft's very beautiful new operating system, Windows Vista. I made the switch several weeks ago, from my trusty 12" PowerBook to (at first) a 17" HP widescreen notebook. Was my switch from Mac to Windows Vista easy? Was I able to 'Think Different', the other way around? And a month later, have I decided to stick with Vista or go back to the Mac? Read on to find out - and please, before you send hate mail, read the whole story."
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re: biased????
by jcgf on Wed 31st Jan 2007 22:36 UTC
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read the whole story ?

no thanks, I can guess from the url what the story will be....

uhh, you would guess wrong, he switched back to the Mac

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RE: re: biased????
by viton on Thu 1st Feb 2007 14:29 in reply to "re: biased????"
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> uhh, you would guess wrong,
> he switched back to the Mac

Maybe i'm paranoid, but don't let them fool you.
This article is intended for Windows users, not Mac users.
I think the article has a hidden message what Vista not only as good as OsX but much better than the former Windows version.

This seems clear what they want me to upgrade to check their "new better technology" with the words like:

... and the new Windows Media Player 11. All of these programs were at once familiar but much better looking than before"

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