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Fedora Core "Fedora 7 Test 1 has been released today. For this particular release, we only did a Desktop spin of the package collection. We are still fine tuning targetted spins of the collection as part of the merger of Core and Extras. We also produced a LiveCD that has the ability to install to your harddrive."
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It's under the Available Versions, Version 3 submenu.

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Now I see, you're right, it's installable.
A bit limited, a swap file, a boot floppy needed, I guess some decompressing will be needed when booting, but it would be unfair to compare this to 2007 live cds. Might be interesting to compare this method to the way DSL installs itself to hard disks these days.

@Don T. Bothers, I agree that live cds are not ideal for those that want to install the disk anyway. On the other hand, for a lot of people it's very convenient to see
- if what's inside is worth upgrading in the first place;
- if all drivers needed are there, and the network is propery configured.
This gives a lot of people a good feeling about the particular OS they're running live for a while. Which is, in itself, a good thing.
Obviously, for installing a server, or if you already know that you're going to install the OS in any case, such live cds are a waste of time.

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