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Novell and Ximian When Novell and Microsoft announced their unlikely partnership, a part of the arrangement that got little attention at the time was that they'd create a joint research facility, where both company's technical experts would collaborate on new joint software solutions. Now, they're staffing up.
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RE[3]: ms/novell
by butters on Sat 3rd Feb 2007 01:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ms/novell"
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I'm aware of the Exchange plugins available for non-Outlook email clients. They use the OWA web-based API, and they tend to suck. Even Microsoft's own OWA web frontend doesn't work properly with the OWA API. Apparently, they need to do all sorts of HTML tricks to get it to work.

There are many better ways to implement email and collaboration features than using Exchange. However, most businesses use Exchange anyway. A discussion of why they act so irrationally is beyond the scope of this thread. But suffice it to say that the majority of businesses run Exchange, and a majority of those aren't interested in migrating to a different collaboration suite.

There ways a Slashdot post about this the other day. Some Dell employee apparently has nothing better to do than try installing Linux every few years and test if it has a collaboration client that integrates well with Dell's Exchange implementation. According to this luser, it still doesn't work. The comments mainly included Linux fanboys ranting about Microsoft not publishing the Exchange API and making it as hard as possible to interoperate with non-Outlook clients. The minority opinion was that it doesn't matter how unhelpful Microsoft is, that it would apparently be really simple to reverse engineer the API if the Linux crybabies would stop whining and get to work.

I don't know how the corporate world managed to fall for Microsoft's ploy to proprietize email. But they did, and there's not much we can do about that. That's why we need a fully-functional Exchange client for Linux.

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RE[4]: ms/novell
by IanSVT on Sat 3rd Feb 2007 02:28 in reply to "RE[3]: ms/novell"
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I can't say I've ever tried Evolution against Exchange. We're a GroupWise shop so that's what I have to worry about. I be interested to try it first hand to get a good look at it myself. Although, that would require me to setup exchange and active directory and stab myself in the eyes with freebie Microsoft pens I got from some obscure IT event!

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RE[4]: ms/novell
by anda_skoa on Sat 3rd Feb 2007 15:32 in reply to "RE[3]: ms/novell"
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That's why we need a fully-functional Exchange client for Linux

Well, yes and no.
It would certainly help Linux as a desktop platform, but the thing IMHO really needed it availability of the Exchange client-server protocol.

Currently nobody can implement a fully functional Exchange client on any platform, nor a fully compatible server which would not require any change on the current Exchange clients (e.g. Outlook)

I am not sure if the Exchange client-server protocol is part of the protocol specifications the EU commission wants Microsoft to release, but it would allow to implement either server or client side and break the Outlook-Exchange interlock.

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