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Novell and Ximian The Free Software Foundation is reviewing Novell's right to sell new versions of Linux operating system software after the open-source community criticized Novell for teaming up with Microsoft. "The community of people wants to do anything they can to interfere with this deal and all deals like it. They have every reason to be deeply concerned that this is the beginning of a significant patent aggression by Microsoft," Eben Moglen, the Foundation's general counsel, said on Friday. Update: The FSF claims this is being hyped.
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by systyrant on Sun 4th Feb 2007 02:00 UTC
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I'm trying very hard to keep my emotions in check with this because I like Novell and I like what they've done with the version of Linux they sell. It would be extremely easy to go off bashing the GPL v3 or the FSF and end up just another somebody throwing out crappy opinions.

If, somehow, Novell was stopped from selling Linux then I feel it would be a tragedy for the entire community. With that said I would suspect that if it did not cause irreparable damage to Novell as a company that they would fight for the right to continue selling Linux. Although I'm sure, for the most part, that Novell as a Linux distributer would effectively be over regardless of the outcome.

My hope is that Novell would then turn it's sites to BSD. At the very least it would give Novell a strong platform to develop on and I'm sure it would drive up the adoption of BSD.

Although I'm sure a few of you would agree with me and most of you won't I just want to lend my support to Novell. I also want to say that it's been disturbing to me to read all the negativity from the Linux and Open Source community about the Novell/Microsoft deal. From where I sit it looks like nothing more than blind hatred of Microsoft over shadowing any potential good that might arise for the deal. Don't get me wrong I to know that Microsoft doesn't do anything without finding some why to hurt somebody else, but I just can't help but see that most people simply respond to the fact that it's Microsoft.

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RE: Emotions
by pepa on Sun 4th Feb 2007 06:13 in reply to "Emotions"
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There is no reason for Novell to turn to BSD, as the Linux kernel will most likely stay GPL2 anyway.

I think it's not blind hatred of Microsoft that makes people negative towards Novell, it is how Novell has brought in Software Patent issues to bear on GNU/Linux code.

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RE[2]: Emotions
by systyrant on Sun 4th Feb 2007 16:18 in reply to "RE: Emotions"
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As long as software patents exist they will always be a problem for Linux and other software.

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RE: Emotions
by SReilly on Sun 4th Feb 2007 17:11 in reply to "Emotions"
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I don't know if most people reading/posting this tread share my view but I'm willing to give Novell the benefit of the doubt. I'm not at all pissed at Novell, I think they got snared in a typical MS deal. I think they're crazy to have negotiated it in the first place but that hardly qualifies them for out and out bashing on my part.

I am very angry at MS though and so should allot of people. Their tactics stink and always have. Trying to split and turn the community against itself by using double speak seems to be the tactic at the moment. Frankly, that's unethical.

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RE[2]: Emotions
by systyrant on Mon 5th Feb 2007 04:37 in reply to "RE: Emotions"
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After listening to Richard Stallman explain what he means by Free Software I have to say that I know understand why FSF and many other are upset with Novell. Although I still think Stallman is a nut job it doesn't mean he's not right.

However, I still support Novell and I still think that many of the negative comments, especially at first, were nothing more than blind hatred for Microsoft. I should point out that the comments I'm referring to are comments like the one you are reading now and not those made by people like Stallman.

I suppose I've been shown a new way of thinking about Free Software and Open Source so please forgive me if I sound contradictory to any of my previous statements. I won't say I get it, but at least I'm trying.

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