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Linux Distrowatch did the first review of Foresight Linux 1.0. They conclude: "Overall, despite a few early glitches while installing Foresight Linux 1.0, this distribution has turned out to be very usable system with an excellent package management utility and a unique, web based system configuration manager. It is clearly designed for users who enjoy GNOME and Mono software on their desktops or those who want to try the latest versions of these applications."
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RE[2]: I am downloading it
by alwayscrashing on Mon 5th Feb 2007 05:01 UTC in reply to "RE: I am downloading it"
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Surely downloading random distributions is one of the best ways of learning things about them?

There's always time for checking documentation later if it uses something completely non-standard.

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RE[3]: I am downloading it
by butters on Mon 5th Feb 2007 06:34 in reply to "RE[2]: I am downloading it"
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Yeah, sure, but I normally take a look at the web page first. You know, see how active the forums are and whatever.

Truth be told, I don't really try distributions anymore. I cured my distro-junkyism several years ago when I convinced myself of one seemingly fundamental truth: you rarely like a new distribution more than the one you're most comfortable with.

At first I bounced around a little, didn't really like Red Hat 6.2 or Mandrake 7.0 or Slackware or Debian Potato. I found Gentoo in early 2002 and have been using that predominantly ever since. I played around with Arch (even wrote an advanced installer for it), but it just wasn't big enough to keep up-to-date the way Gentoo does. I tried Ubuntu because it was so popular, and I still use it as my favorite LiveCD, but it isn't as comfortable for me day-to-day.

If some distribution becomes so big and everyone starts buzzing about it, then I'll give it a whirl. But I won't try little distributions unless their philosophy really resonates with me (like Gentoo and Arch did). Because otherwise I know I'll just end up being uncomfortable. And I just don't have the time anymore.

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RE[4]: I am downloading it
by twenex on Mon 5th Feb 2007 17:58 in reply to "RE[3]: I am downloading it"
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And that, sir, is the crux{,gentoo,ubuntu, slackware,redhat} of the issue!

Well done.

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