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Hardware, Embedded Systems Remember PA Semi? The company has just released, as promised, its first chipset. "They are full 64-bit PPC, support virtualisation, and would do Alitvec but that name is copyrighted by Freescale. Instead they do 'VMA'. The three parts run at a max wattage of 25, 15 and 10W for the 2.0, 1.5 and 1.0GHz parts respectively, with typical wattage listed at 13, 8 and 6W. The individual cores are said to have a 7W max and 4W typical power consumption at 2.0GHz." PA Semi was one of the prime reasons why Ars's John 'Hannibal' Stokes doubted Apple's reasoning for the switch to Intel.
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RE: Not a jote....
by zbrimhall on Tue 6th Feb 2007 01:01 UTC in reply to "Not a jote...."
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Does it run Linux?

Perhaps I just don't understand the technical details, but shouldn't the question be "does Linux run it?"

(And I'm glad to hear that it does!)

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RE[2]: Not a jote....
by diegocg on Tue 6th Feb 2007 01:09 in reply to "RE: Not a jote...."
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Depends on how you look at it - it's the CPU who executes the instructions, so it's the cpu who "runs" linux. On the other hand, linux must support it, and when it does it "runs on" the pa semi cpus

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RE[3]: Not a jote....
by JacobMunoz on Tue 6th Feb 2007 01:24 in reply to "RE[2]: Not a jote...."
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very Zen.

I must haiku...

symbiotic bits
some hard, some soft, both running
together in time

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