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GNU, GPL, Open Source With only 3 weeks until FOSDEM 2007, the staff have published the first batch of interviews with some of their speakers. In this initial round of interviews, Jim Gettys shares his thoughts on the goals of the OLPC project, Federico Mena Quintero, one of GNOME's founders, gives a brief introduction to his speech on profiling desktop applications, and GEGL's main author Oyvind Kolas elaborates a little on the recent resurrection of the GEGL project. More interviews will be posted in the next couple of weeks.
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OLPC + NWO = The Mark of The Beast
by Vietman on Tue 6th Feb 2007 02:42 UTC
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Check out this video on Youtube, where the Nazi War Criminal Negroponte (overseer of the apparatus of Jewi5h extermination during the Nazi era) talks in Argentina about the OLPC Project and about Intel opinion. English and Spanish translation.

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I fail to see how a man born in 1943 could have had any active part in that.

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