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Windows "Windows XP introduced Visual Styles as a mechanism for providing more visual appeal to windows and controls. Menus, however, were not rendered using visual styles for Windows XP. With Windows Vista menus now are part of the visual schema and are rendered using the visual styles engine."
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by SpasmaticSeacow on Tue 6th Feb 2007 17:41 UTC
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What horrific looking code.

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RE: Ugh...
by denmark_sucks_cock on Tue 6th Feb 2007 18:00 in reply to "Ugh..."
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It's C code ya all looks like that. Use C# or another HLL if it bothers you.

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RE[2]: Ugh...
by MikeGA on Tue 6th Feb 2007 18:40 in reply to "RE: Ugh..."
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Mind you the blue text on charcoal background is pretty painful to look at.

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RE[2]: Ugh...
by ebasconp on Tue 6th Feb 2007 21:48 in reply to "RE: Ugh..."
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Looking at the code remembers me the horrible times of Win32 API (though the code is really that) and MFC.

"It's C code ya all looks like that."

That is not true!

You can code using beautiful C++ frameworks and your code will look better, more elegant and less cryptic than that (Qt comes to my mind).

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RE: Ugh...
by PlatformAgnostic on Tue 6th Feb 2007 18:56 in reply to "Ugh..."
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Unfortunately it's not just because it's C code. It's C++ code calling into COM, which never looks that great. COM is great for a component like WIC, which has to be high-performance and callable from both native and managed code (for some reason, I know quite a bit about WIC), but there is a reason why .NET exists: it's just so much prettier and easier to code for than COM.

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