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Apple Apple plans to crank up the anti-Vista rhetoric at its international chain of retail stores later this week, the latest move in a broader bid by the Mac maker to undermine the new operating system release from rival Microsoft. The campaign, set to get underway this Saturday, will include new store displays and employee t-shirts gently mocking Vista as little more than a washed-up attempt at a modern operating system, those familiar with the matter say. In a multi-page training manual made available through the company's internal retail system this week, Apple challenged its employees to learn and tout the Mac's many existing advantages over Vista-equipped Windows PCs.
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RE[2]: I'm tempted to...
by fretinator on Thu 8th Feb 2007 16:49 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm tempted to..."
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I would also like to point out that not everybody who works in an Apple store or an Apple partner store are 'arrogant dumbasses who think computers are fashion accessories'. I've been into several Apple stores and the sales people were quite nice and very informative. Much more than in most other PC stores. As a matter of fact I've had more bad experiences with arrogance from stores that sell Windows PC's than those that sell Apples.

I agree. There is NO WAY the folks at the Apple Store could be more ignorant about computers that the average Best Buy or Circuit City sales person.

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RE[3]: I'm tempted to...
by systyrant on Thu 8th Feb 2007 21:44 in reply to "RE[2]: I'm tempted to..."
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You mean... 'um... it comes with a... CD-ROM drive... and... uh... a mouse. Oh, yeah... it uh... comes with Windows and... uh... has 500 GB of memory. It also has the latest... uh... nVidia Radeon video board with 256 bits of RAM.'

Yes it can be as painful to hear as it is to read. And yes I did actually have a sales person at Best Buy tell me that a computer had just such a video card in it. When I pointed out that Radeon was made by ATI he argued with me. He told me that ATI was a motherboard maker. I had lots of fun with that guy before leaving.

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