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KDE With the Sonnet library for KDE 4, developer Jacob Rideout hopes to reinvigorate the field of desktop linguistics by adding automatic language detection and other innovative features. Sonnet is to be for KDE 4 what KSpell 2 is for the current version of the K Desktop Environment, providing spell-checking facilities to applications as diverse as the Konqueror Web browser, Kopete instant messenger, and KWord office software. Unlike KSpell, however, it will also provide grammar checking, multilingual tools, and perhaps even translation, dictionary, and thesaurus functionality across all of KDE.
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RE: This looks really cool...
by Simon Gray on Thu 8th Feb 2007 23:04 UTC in reply to "This looks really cool..."
Simon Gray
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One thing to remember is the fact that these projects - the many KDE 4 projects - are all concepts for now. The goals have been states, but the coding is still in early stages. I wouldn't hold your breath...

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archiesteel Member since:

Well, the article states that this is 75% done, so I wouldn't say that it's "just a concept".

Granted, KDE4 won't be ready for a while yet...but I'm still excited about it! :-)

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ma_d Member since:

75% done is programmer code for 30% done generally speaking. We have a tendency to get too excited about what we've designed and implemented and forget all of those details we haven't yet accounted for, not to mention how long it takes to hammer out those final ugly glitches.

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reldruh Member since:

The coding isn't in as early a stage as you might think. Language detection and spell checking are up and running in sonnet, and they both work in background threads to optimize performance. Here's a link to an article from the developer (with a screenshot even):
Also, just today Decibel (the communications framework) 0.2 was released. It's feature complete and (from what I understand) the main things left to be done are integrating it with the other kde4 technologies. The release announcement is here:

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cyrilleberger Member since:

In fact the many KDE4 libraries projects are at a pretty much advanced stage in code. Now what is lacking most for this libraries is polishing, and determining what is wrong in the API to insure its stability over the KDE4 lifetime.
But, the integration in applications is lacking, and that might not happen in 4.0, and that will probably not be finish before 4.3. And that's only reason to hold your breath ;) Having a good technology doesn't mean it will be used by all immediately.

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aseigo Member since:

> are all concepts for now

so we've had articles showing the current working state of phonon, sonnet, advancements in various apps (sysguard, games) etc .. in the last month or two and you still think they are just conceptual? hum. well, the code is in svn and its at the state where people who like to write about these things can actually build it and show it in action. to me that's a bit beyond conceptual =)

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