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Microsoft Microsoft has long held a skeptical view of open source, but the Redmond-based software company is trying to change some of those attitudes with the establishment of officelabs. officelabs is a new internal start-up that is attempting to use some of the methodologies of open-source software development to invigorate the company and generate excitement about new Microsoft products. Specifically, the people behind officelabs want to adopt the 'release early, release often' approach that has worked well for open-source projects such as Linux and Firefox.
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RE[5]: MS still doesn't get it
by fretinator on Mon 12th Feb 2007 22:23 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: MS still doesn't get it"
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Your income is not unlimited and you just gave a monetary advantage to Microsoft , because I doubt you paid to support other similar project that are at minimum Open Source and at best Free Software in the same amount

You had a fairly thoughtful rebuttal until you crammed in the ad hominem attack.

For what's its worth, here are some of the Open Source/Free Software products/organizations that I have _financially_ supported:

Damn Small Linux

I also choose to purchase distributions instead of downloading them strictly to help out the company producting the distribution [This is a really good way to help out OpenBSD]. I also became a Silver Club member of the Mandrak club (now Mandriva) strictly to help them make it past bankruptcy.

I also just created a website where I sell used Linux/BSD laptops. 10% of the gross purchase will go to the maker of the distro on the laptop (if I ever sell any!!).

I guess using a broad brush helps to paint the room quicker!

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The problem is its an observation with logic made to make you think on your own, with obviously failled. Sorry , but short of having a time traveling machine you can't give the time you gave to Microsoft to other projects. Time is the only thing you can't get back.

Also the financial impact can't be seen as the same , because you don't receive the same compensations. Microsoft give you restricted access to testing there code under certain condition for a limited time , this from a multi billion dollars company.

You try to justify and rationalize your actions by saying you contribute to others in similar ways.

The reality is Microsoft Vista is not an open Source or Free Software OS and you participating in it only deprive others and yourself primarily of your valuable time and contribution , you also somehow capitulate and give aways some of your right as a paying customer in order to participate in it , creating and supporting the system that deprive you of those rights.

Bittorrent, OpenOffice, G4U, OpenBSD, NetBSD , FSF , GVim, Damn Small Linux are not Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Office and your participation to those other projects do not offset the choice you made with Microsoft products.

They also don't make them any less closer to be at minimum Open Source and at best Free Software.

I find the rest of your comment to be fabricated to be in reply to me , so , I choose not to address it , sorry.

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