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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "In the first head-to-head comparison of trying to accomplish a task with Mac OS and Vista in this series, the new Windows operating system fell flat on its face. Migrating from an XP installation was halted by repeated failures of the Windows Easy Transfer application when used with a network connection and a so-called Easy Transfer Cable. I finally gave up and used Lenovo's System Migration Assistant."
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by prismX on Tue 13th Feb 2007 04:28 UTC in reply to "RE"
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It does not matter how settings are scattered in Windows. File and setting transfer enables you to migrate all the settings,except those which need access Program Files (and this access should be disabled,if you work correctly).

This article was written either by person who know nothing about Windows and different options for his brain is too difficult to process, or it is one of the routine deceptive article how Windows is bad and MacOSX is good. Nothing to do,today if Apple inc. would start to sell rotten apples, people would "think different" that rotten apples are better ... So come on guys, let praise Mac ;-)

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by el3ktro on Tue 13th Feb 2007 12:22 in reply to "RE"
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The point is, on Windows, you *need* a program to transfer your files & settings, because everything is spread accross dozens of directories & registry entries. On Linux & Mac, you simply copy your home directory to the new machine and you're done. You don't need an extra program for that. You can simply copy everything.

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