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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The Ubuntu Technical Board has made two technical decisions of which we would like to inform the Ubuntu community. Both of these decisions concern the upcoming 7.04 release of Ubuntu, scheduled for mid-April." Ubuntu 7.04 will not activate binary video drivers by default, essentially meaning nothing will change from the previous releases. The second change is a major blow to the PowerPC architecture and thus owners of Apple PPC hardware: "The PowerPC edition of Ubuntu will be reclassified as unofficial. The PowerPC software itself and supporting infrastructure will continue to be available, and supported by a community team." Translation: Ubuntu PPC can shake hands with the dodo.
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RE: Seems precipitous
by Janizary on Wed 14th Feb 2007 05:45 UTC in reply to "Seems precipitous"
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Well, NetBSD and OpenBSD both support multiple PPC platforms, as does the Linux kernel itself. For MacPPC support, OpenBSD and NetBSD work, with OpenBSD not properly supporting the Old World ROM boxes. And on the Linux front there are Yellow Dog Linux and others still.

FreeBSD on the other hand has been progressively dropping efforts on older hardware platforms, specifically any that are no longer being sold - macppc's support is toast, along with Alpha and a few other platforms that were once usable with FreeBSD.

So, NetBSD or OpenBSD could work for you - but you've got to pick based on your need, NetBSD's performance is higher but it's stablility lower, while OpenBSD is the opposite, the security shtick hurts performance while ensuring stability.

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