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Mac OS X "Parallels recently made a definitive statement saying that the company won't be making it easy for users to run OS X in a virtual environment anytime soon. The reasoning behind this was because they don't want to put their users at risk of breaking the OS X EULA - unlike Windows Vista, there is no version of OS X that can be run under a virtual machine - and more importantly, they don't want to strain their (currently good) relationship with Apple. As a followup to that statement from Parallels, I was able to also get in touch with Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMWare's Director of Product Management and Market Development in order to get VMWare's official position on the matter. "Apple does not currently allow running Mac OS X in a virtual machine," he said. "Apple is an important partner and VMware respects Apple's intellectual property."
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You have been trained by companies to believe they have the right to tell you what to do with the products you buy from them. We are the ones buying their products, giving them money to stay in business. Companies exist to serve our demands and when they stop doing that, other come along to replace them. We have the right to do whatever we want to with the product after we've purchased it. EULA are BS. Loyalty to companies is BS.

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You are completely wrong in two of your statements...

1) "Companies exist to server our demands..." - NO THEY DON'T! Companies exist soley to serve the interests of those who OWN the company. If I start a business, the NUMBER ONE priority is to make me money. Now, if I want to maximize the potential of my business making me money, I better make my customers happy, but I have absolutely no obligation to anybody but the owners. This is the most basic principle of business.

2) "We have the right to do whatever we want with the product after we've purchased it." - The problem here is that with software and music, you do not own the product you purchase. You only pay for the right to USE that product and you must do so in accordance with the license you have been given for that use.

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