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Windows "Windows Vista includes an array of 'features' that you don't want. These features will make your computer less reliable and less secure. They'll make your computer less stable and run slower. They will cause technical support problems. They may even require you to upgrade some of your peripheral hardware and existing software. And these features won't do anything useful. In fact, they're working against you. They're digital rights management features built into Vista at the behest of the entertainment industry. And you don't get to refuse them."
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My Sad Experience with Vista
by Bink on Thu 15th Feb 2007 22:43 UTC
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I don’t own a DVD player—I always just put a DVD in my laptop, connected the laptop to my television and off I was watching a DVD. Now I “upgraded” to Vista, and tried to do the same thing, and Vista proceeded to PREVENT me from watching MY OWN LEGITIAMTELY PURCHASED DVD on my television with some error message to the effect that I needed to upgrade some hardware or driver or something before Vista would ALLOW me to output the video through an unsecured connection.

So, now I sadly run Vista and can only watch my DVDs on my laptop screen—not my television anymore.

Thank you Microsoft for treating paying customers like crooks.

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