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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "MEPIS Linux founder Warren Woodford began, a year ago, to migrate MEPIS from Debian to Ubuntu packages, and in July achieved the first Ubuntu-based simplyMEPIS release. In light of the recently announced Linspire/Ubuntu collaboration, asked Woodford to clarify the MEPIS/Ubuntu relationship."
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good article
by evilmegaman on Sat 17th Feb 2007 19:39 UTC
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I enjoyed this article. It's nice to hear "from the source" every now and then.

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RE: good article
by butters on Sun 18th Feb 2007 02:44 in reply to "good article"
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It's not hard to make a Linux distro by pulling pieces from a bigger distro project and elaborating here and there. I've never been impressed by Woodford's public statements, and this is no exception. If you want to hear "from the source," that would mean Mark Shuttleworth, who will tell you that MEPIS is an independent distribution not endorsed by Canonical or the Ubuntu project.

I'm currently looking for a good KDE distro, and MEPIS seems like a good effort. I wish Woodford would enumerate what he believes are the key differences between MEPIS and Kubuntu, instead of parroting over and over that Ubuntu is a GNOME distro. There would have to be some incredibly compelling advantages to using MEPIS over Kubuntu, because for me, a large and active community is the most important factor in choosing a distro. Kubuntu is part of a vastly larger community than is MEPIS, so I believe I will receive better community support (when I need it) if I use Kubuntu.

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RE[2]: good article
by lemur2 on Sun 18th Feb 2007 05:42 in reply to "RE: good article"
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{I'm currently looking for a good KDE distro}

{I wish Woodford would enumerate what he believes are the key differences between MEPIS and Kubuntu}

I have found Kubuntu somewhat disappointing. I have a dual-boot setup and I have two partitions formatted as NTFS, and three formatted as ext3. I tried to install Kubuntu for Edgy Eft, and early on in the install to hard disk process the qtparted program crashed and I could get no further. I posted a bug report to Kubuntu about it, but nothing was done. This is a showstopper bug (you can't install Kubuntu to HD because of it), and it was not even acknowledged.

I recently downloaded the Kubuntu Feisty Fawn herd 4 pre-release CD. The same bug is still there.

MEPIS doesn't have this bug. Neither does PCLinuxOS. Both are therefore infinitely better than Kubuntu (because Kubuntu doesn't even install).

Of the various "live CD, easy to install, KDE-by-default, high-activity" choices I have tried, namely Sabayon, MEPIS and PCLinuxOS, the latter is the best. MEPIS is dated, and both MEPIS & Ubuntu make it difficult to get working multimedia. PCLinuxOS doesn't have a huge repository (compared with Debian or Canonical's) but other than that one failing ... if you want a decent KDE distro, frankly, I would recommend PCLinuxOS at this time. The 2007 release should be out by the end of this month.

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RE[2]: good article
by DeadFishMan on Sun 18th Feb 2007 21:57 in reply to "RE: good article"
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Well, although I no longer use MEPIS and when I did, it was prior to the Ubuntu shift, I can tell you that it was the finest desktop distro that I have ever used and used it non-stop for over 2 years.

Kubuntu can't even be compared to it as it is too buggy and it doesn't include the non-free goodies and nice touches here and there (I know that this probably is a huge no-go for some, but still...).

And while the community is indeed smaller than Kubuntu's, the users that hang out on more than make up for their smaller number. They are very newbie friendly and tend to have good user-maintained documentation on the website.

Their KDE implementation was second to none (though the default settings DO leave a lot to be desired, though - YES, I am talking about the damn fish tank on the taskbar!) and there weren't none of these Kubuntu "patches" that makes its KDE close to the worst experience that I ever had since I started using Linux.

Don't know if it is still up to the snuff these days after the Ubuntu shift and agree that Warren sometimes make some pretty bold claims that sound a little bit weird (such as his former stance towards the GPL) but he still makes good design decisions overall and puts out a hell of a good distro. If you enjoy using a Debian-derived distro with lots of value added in, I'd recommend you to give it a shot.

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