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FreeBSD In this interview, Sam Leffler of the FreeBSD Project and FreeBSD Foundation and 'old school' hacker from the UC Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group (where the original Berkeley Software Distribution was developed) explains what the Foundation actually does, and the kind of work it has fostered. He also talks briefly about the current status of FreeBSD, and the degree to which Apple contributes to the project.
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RE: Oh please.
by Dirge on Sat 17th Feb 2007 23:14 UTC in reply to "Oh please."
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I am tech savvy but not when it comes to Linux. I would definately choose Mac OS X over Linux for ease of use. Though I would like to learn more about the OS operating system we all know and love.

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RE[2]: Oh please.
by ValiantSoul on Sun 18th Feb 2007 00:02 in reply to "RE: Oh please."
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I have many years of experience with linux, FreeBSD, Macs, and Windows. My server is a FreeBSD machine, my laptops dual boot linux and OS X, and my primary machine runs OS X. I love using FreeBSD and linux, however when I want to be productive, I choose OS X. Like everyone else here, I'm obviously "tech savvy," but when I want to get something done I prefer something that just works.

Though I definatelly use FreeBSD for my server and would dual boot FreeBSD with OS X (as opposed to linux and OS X) on my laptops if they weren't PPC machines (or if FreeBSD were more stable on them and supported the hardware fully).

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RE[3]: Oh please.
by Finchwizard on Sun 18th Feb 2007 03:23 in reply to "RE[2]: Oh please."
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I'm in the exact same position.

At work, I run Windows Servers, OS X server, and multiple FreeBSD servers.

For clients, I run OS X on a Macbook Pro for all my serious work, any multimedia work, networking work where it's easy to open a terminal and do what I need to do, works great with my iPod etc.

At home, I run Windows XP and Dual Boot with Vista, Windows is the only OS out there that is great for gaming, sure you can spend some time with Cedega etc, but when it comes down to it, it's going to run a lot better, and have far more options on Windows.

Every OS has it's place, each does a job better than the other, and I wouldn't change that, but some people just shoot down another OS because they don't like their practices or way of doing things.

Would I ever use Linux or FreeBSD as a Desktop machine? Probably not, because it's not suited to what I do, does that mean it's bad? No, not at all, it just doesn't have it's place on a desktop machine for me personally.

And honestly I get pretty disgusted with the shots taken at each OS's and packages.
There are times, that proprietary is better than Opensource, and there are times where OpenSource is just better than the Proprietary alternatives.

And after that outburst from Linus over Gnome, of which I think is disgusting after what he stands for and Opensource and being able to choose. Sure, he's a great pioneer and has and still does a lot of great things, but his reaction over something because he doesn't like it is enough to put myself off Opensource with an attitude like that.

Hopefully one day, people will get enough brains to figure out there's a place for everything.

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